Support Services

At Mortenson Dental Partners, a big part of putting our patients first is creating an environment where dentists can excel and be supported by a team of professionals in all areas of running a business. The Support Center for Mortenson Dental Partners is located in Louisville, KY, just down the street from the original Mortenson Family Dental. Our Support Center consists of teams that support each region with expertise in the following areas:


The MDP Finance Team provides our constituents with the tools, resources, and knowledge to translate great patient care into financial success.  Through the continual process improvements to streamline office administrative functions including payroll processing and treasury management, team members are freed to focus on great patient care. MDP Finance ensures compliance with various local, state, and federal regulatory requirements to mitigate risk and ensure long-term feasibility.   Our philosophy is that by empowering the decision makers with all financial data through open book management, they are best equipped to realize long term dental health in their communities.

Doctor Credentialing

The Credentialing Department assists merging and current partners with the insurance enrollment, credentialing and recredentialing process. The department gathers and maintains all the doctors’ demographic information, licenses, DEA’s, Certificates of Insurance and any other necessary documents for the enrollment process. The primary objectives of the department are to facilitate the otherwise lengthy process of meeting all the insurance companies’ requirements for enrollment, keep the company up-to-date on new and improved insurance fee schedules, and the negotiation of these fees schedules for the benefit of the entire company.

Practice Excellence

The MDP Learning & Development team is committed to “Growing People to be their Best”.  We strive to give the right support at the right time – providing resources, tools and best practices to deliver superior patient care. The Learning & Development team recognizes the need to educate and train staff in all areas affecting the patient experience, including clinical and technical expertise, as well as the skills required to make patients feel welcome, appreciated and well cared-for during their dental visits.  The  learning experience begins with the new hire experience and extends throughout the career of MDP team members.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Team provides expertise related to people such as compensation, recruitment and selection, performance management, benefits, employee motivation, communication, and training. Not only do we help you attract, develop and retain better team members, we also help you to maximize your team’s contribution to the success of your office.

Information Technology

The Information Technology team at Mortenson Dental Partners provides professional IT engineering services as well as custom software development to effectively serve the technological needs of our practices and support teams. The IT Operations team offers a dedicated Help Desk to assist with troubleshooting IT issues within the practice such as support for workstations, issues with telephony or networks, and assisting with ordering and equipping each office with technology equipment. MDP’s software development team is responsible for creating one of a kind reporting systems that bring timeliness and transparency to Mortenson Dental Partners, as well as building and maintaining business and communication tools that help make Mortenson Dental Partners a leader in dental technology.

Insurance Services

The Insurance department assists the offices in processing insurance payments, figuring out why there are delays in payment, processing and mailing monthly patient statements, and providing customer service to the offices on claims and payer issues. The insurance department processes payments directly into the offices’ systems, allowing the insurance team to be a virtual and seamless extension of the office from our home base in Kentucky.


Mortenson Dental Partners’ Marketing Team helps communicate and promote the brands our partners have built. A strong brand is critical to creating a strong DSO. Through strategic media placement, public relations, and a commitment to the communities we serve, the brands of our partners are cultivated and well managed. Mortenson Dental Partners’ Marketing focuses on careful brand management and patient retention and attraction to help each practice achieve it’s operational goals.

Development & Integration

The Integration Department assists Mortenson Dental Partners in on-boarding new and merging offices by designing and delivering plans, clear expectations, and objectives.

The team, working closely with other support services departments, coordinates and facilitates the process to ensure new practices are brought online timely and efficiently.

Patient Services

The Patient Services Department supports the offices with a variety of processes: answering services, customer services, re-care program, and scheduling center. The primary objective is to assist the offices in minimize the response time to patients requests. (i.e. appointments, non-financial ledger information, directions to an office, etc.) It is important to note that two major elements in a successful implementation of this department’s services is the use of a VoIP phone system and Open Dental.


Payroll provides a dedicated team of payroll experts who handle issues like wage and hours law compliance, deal with federal, state and local tax compliance issues by minimizing employment-related tax, payment compliance risk and help improve process efficiency, while also helping to reduce taxes and other expenses.

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