“The Support Center handles the administrative side so I can focus on caring for patients.”

Dr. Razan Barazi
Kid’s Dentistree Glenmary

Support Center

Mortenson Dental Partners features a state-of-the-art Support Center in Louisville, Kentucky, with expertise in all areas of running a business. Our doctors and clinical teams don’t need to worry about managing administrative tasks like insurance processing, payroll and building maintenance, allowing them to spend more time with their patients. Mortenson Dental Partners provides expertise in the following business areas so that doctors can focus on putting patients first.

Billing and Collections

The Billing and Collections department processes insurance payments, resolves payment delays, processes and mails monthly patient statements, and provides customer service to the offices on claims and payer issues. The team can process payments directly into the offices’ systems, allowing them to be a virtual and seamless extension of the practice from their home base in Kentucky.

Development & Integration

The Development and Integration department pursues strategic growth opportunities that meet MDP’s cultural, operational and financial philosophies through acquisitions and denovos. The team also facilitates the integration of new practices to ensure they are onboarded in a timely and efficient manner, while updating existing practices so they are both aesthetically pleasing and include the most up-to-date equipment for our clinicians.


Through an open book management philosophy, the MDP Finance team offers our practices the tools and infrastructure needed to translate great patient care into financial success. They ensure compliance with various local, state and federal regulatory requirements to mitigate risk and ensure long-term feasibility. The department also enables individual practices to benefit from the presence of a larger entity by maintaining relationships with local and regional banking institutions.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team provides employment-based expertise in several areas, including compensation, recruitment and selection; performance management; benefits; employee motivation; communication; and training. Not only do they attract, develop and retain qualified team members, but, because we are an employee-owned company, they also help to empower each team member to think like an owner.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) team serves the technological needs of practices and support teams. A dedicated Help Desk troubleshoots IT issues within the practice, while the Software Development team creates one-of-a-kind reporting systems. They also build and maintain business and communication tools that help make MDP a leader in dental information technology.


The Marketing team maximizes public awareness about Mortenson Dental Partners and its affiliate brands. The team carefully manages our brands on a local, regional and national level, incorporating tactics such as strategic media placement, public relations and social media. Marketing campaigns focus on patient attraction and retention to help individual practices achieve their operational goals.

Patient Services

The Patient Services department assists practices by minimizing the response times to patient requests. Using a VoIP phone system and OpenDental software, the team operates a scheduling center and provides answering services and customer support. They also manage our re-care program, and can help practices with reactivation efforts when needed.

Payer Relations

The Payer Relations team is dedicated to optimizing our payer relationships for the benefit of the entire organization. They handle the end-to-end contracting, participation and fee schedule negotiations with payers on behalf of our practices, and maintain the fee schedules for each office in the Open Dental practice management system. Leveraging our national size, they generate insurance contracts that are more favorable than those available to individual practitioners. The Payer Relations team also facilitates the otherwise lengthy process of meeting insurance enrollment requirements. They assist our doctors with the enrollment, credentialing and recredentialing process, and maintain a database with the licensure status and insurance company enrollments for each MDP doctor. 


The Payroll department features a dedicated team of payroll experts who ensure compliance with wage and hour laws. They also minimize employment-related tax and payment compliance risk on a local, state and federal level, and help to improve process efficiency while reducing taxes and other expenses.

Practice Excellence

The Practice Excellence team creates operational efficiencies and continuing education opportunities for our team members. The team has two primary goals. First, they align operational best practices across our organization to ensure exceptional experiences for our team members, patients and practices. In addition, they provide all team members with the career development tools, training and resources they need to maximize success.

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