• “The ESOP is one of the main reasons we became a part of Mortenson Dental Partners.”

    Dr. Britt Bostick
    Executive Vice President, Mortenson Dental Partners, and Co-Founder of Abbeville Dentistry

  • “We’re employee and doctor-owned and managed.”

    Dr. Phil Schuler
    Regional President, Mortenson Family Dental

  • “We could focus more on the patients and dentistry for the communities we serve.”

    Dr. Nick Kanning
    Regional President, Summit Dental Health

  • “The benefits are so much better than we could ever provide on our own.”

    Dr. Eric Tobler
    Regional President, Stonehaven Dental

Not Your Typical DSO

If you’re thinking about selling your dental practice and want to maintain the benefits of ownership, MDP may be the place for you. Unlike most Dental Support Organizations, MDP is completely owned by its team members. Doctors enjoy clinical autonomy while taking advantage of all the benefits of being part of a group, including excellent payer reimbursement rates, lower costs on supplies and labs, and quicker insurance processing. 

In addition, our state-of-the-art Support Center offers expertise in a variety of business areas. From marketing and IT to doctor credentialing, human resources and accounting, our support team is there so our clinical teams can better focus on their patients. We’ll even take care of the practice valuation process and, once on board, ensure the practice is maintained and regularly updated to be both visually appealing and equipped with the latest technology.

We’re looking for practices that:

  • Are a great cultural fit
  • Fall within our geographic priorities
  • Align with our strategic goals
  • Are operationally sound
  • Are in good financial standing

If you would like additional information, please visit our FAQs for DSOs page.

Learn what makes MDP a DSO like no other.

Are you interested in selling your dental practice and joining a premier employee-owned organization?

Dale Sanford
Chief Compliance Officer
and VP of Administration