What Our Doctors Say

Dr. Michael Kornblatt

Kid's Dentistree

When I was thinking about looking for a job coming out of residency, I had a lot of things I was interested in. I knew I wanted to work in a place that shared my commitment to patient care, that was very important to me. Mortenson Dental Partners showed me how committed Kid’s Dentistree and MDP to the same values I have for myself.

Dr. Nick Kanning

Summit Dental Health

Working together with Mortenson Dental Partners allows me to focus on my patient relationships while providing outstanding oral care.  The autonomy as a provider and the office culture makes coming to work an enjoyable experience everyday.  With doctors owning and managing the company, there is a level of trust in the Summit Dental Health region and the support of Mortenson Dental Partners.

Dr. Blair Brown

Mortenson Family Dental

I chose Mortenson Dental Partners because of the autonomy they give their doctors yet they have a support system as well and that fit very well with what I was looking for straight out of school. My original plan was to work for them for a couple of years and then open my own practice. I have stayed with Mortenson Dental Partners for over six years and plan to stay here, because it has worked out so well.

Dr. Carl Gioia


When making a decision on where to start my career, I talked to many people at Mortenson Dental Partners. The lifestyle that they live and how happy the doctors are, was completely enlightening to see. To see people enjoying what they do and working together in a great organization, solidified my choice to join Mortenson Dental Partners.

Dr. Angela Kerr

Stonehaven Dental

Being part of a group dental practice has afforded me many opportunities that being in private practice would not have allowed me otherwise. I have the ability to develop myself professionally, but it has also allowed me the freedom to spend more time with my growing family. I have the support from the group, that I need to succeed in my practice, and the time I need to succeed at home as well.

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