Dr. William Engilman Announces Retirement

Dr. William Engilman, President and Chief Information Officer of Mortenson Dental Partners, recently announced his retirement, effective July 15, 2021.

Dr. Engilman has long been an instrumental part of our organization. Most recently, Dr. Engilman helped to create and execute the strategic vision for Mortenson Dental Partners as a member of its executive leadership team. He has also been active in shaping the impact of our long-range planning and oversaw new technological and strategic initiatives to strengthen MDP’s overall operation and ultimately improve access to care and the patient experience. 

Dr. Engilman is a licensed orthodontist. He founded MDP’s BracesBracesBraces brand, which has grown to sixteen practices across Kentucky, Indiana and Texas. As an orthodontist, he has been known to donate free cases as part of the Smiles Change Lives program, which helps children from families who cannot afford the full cost of braces. In addition to this formal program, he also frequently discounted or provided free treatment to children who could not afford braces simply out of the love of his heart. Dr. Engilman would dress up for different holidays to bring fun to the practice and laughter to the patients he treated. His kind, humble demeanor eased the anxiety of his young patients and enhanced the trust and comfort of both the children and their parents. If another provider was sick or out of the office, Dr. Engilman was the first to volunteer to cover those shifts to ensure patients come first, often completing his executive leadership duties during the evenings and weekends.

Before becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Engilman received a degree in computer science and worked in the information technology field. This unique combination of expertise allowed Dr. Engilman to leverage technology to streamline doctors’ administrative duties, giving them more time with their patients. For example, he spent countless hours innovating a back office support network that allows doctors to focus on delivering care instead of managing administrative tasks like accounting, insurance processing, payroll and more. This network now supports over 200 doctors in nine states. Dr. Engilman also developed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is unique to MDP, forming the overall vision and writing much of the programming himself. The system allows MDP to measure things like patient wait times and reappointments, as well as track patient feedback given through the Net Promoter Score (NPS). In addition, Dr. Engilman formulated MDP’s Patient Portal, which allows patients to easily schedule appointments and access their accounts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Engilman served on MDP’s emergency response team, helping to develop different levels of contingency plans so we would be prepared to continue caring for patients.

As a member of Mortenson Charitable Foundation Board of Directors, Dr. Engilman has been central to philanthropic efforts. In addition to helping employees in crisis, the MDP Charitable Foundation donates to such community organizations such as Smiles for Life. Under Dr. Engilman’s leadership, MDP was the first company in Kentucky to raise over $100,000 for the American Heart Association (a total of $130,000). He also co-chaired MDP’s contribution to the Heart Walk benefiting the American Heart Association several years in a row. In 2018, he received the “Heart of a Servant” individual award by the American Heart Association for his dedication, inspirational commitment and invaluable volunteer service at the 2017 Heart Walk. MDP received the “With All Our Heart” Corporate Donor Award the same year. In 2021, Dr. Will was named a “Health Care Hero” by Louisville’s Business First, a recognition long overdue and well deserved. 

From businessman to IT specialist to practitioner to philanthropist, Dr. Engilman has led with a humble attitude, an inspiring vision and a generous heart. While his involvement in day-to-day operations is ending, Dr. Engilman will remain active as a member of the MDP Board of Directors. We are grateful for his caring and passionate contribution to Mortenson Dental Partners. His vision and innovative nature have propelled MDP to ongoing success and growth and will continue to be an influence for many years to come.