To improve the lives of others by living our values everyday


Caring for Everyone
At MDP, caring and safety are the foundation of what we do. We focus on caring for each other, our patients, and our communities.
Sharing Abundantly
Our philosophy is to share knowledge and expertise openly to foster development within our organization and to make a positive impact on the oral health industry. Both will be better for it.
Expressing Gratitude
We express and exercise gratitude for each other and our patients daily. We understand that we depend on each other and our patients for our livelihood.
Building Relationships
Genuine relationships are built by trusting one another. Relationships are the cornerstone of our legacy culture. We are nothing without our trust in each other.

A mission statement and core values are fundamental to building a successful business and leaving a legacy. At Mortenson Dental Partners, we are proud to empower our team members to think like an owner. Thinking like an owner means each of our team members are encouraged to make the best decisions in the interest of their team, patients and office each day. A mission statement and core values are the guiding principles of thinking like an owner. When team member make the best decisions based on our mission and values good things happen and patients are well cared for.

Team Members across the country will use the same mission and values to guide their daily decisions. As an organization, we can have great confidence in our future when we are committed to our mission and values.