Essential Dental Care Guide

This guide is to help dentists identify which dental procedures are considered Essential versus Non-Essential.

This is only a guide. Please use your clinical discretion.

Specialty Procedure Type Essential Non-Essential
Restorative Fillings/restorations
Incipient to mild decay X
Moderate Decay X
Severe Decay X
Fracture tooth repair
Pain (uncomfortable = pain) X
No pain X
Crowns to navigate completion of care for severe decay and RCT X
Veneers X
Cosmetics Cosmetic procedures X
Endodontics Active infection X
Patient in pain X
Swelling or cellulitis X
Emergency Patients Any patient who contacts the practice with urgent needs should be seen to decrease overflow to Emergency Departments X
Hygiene New patient X
Recall X
Continuing care X
Oral Surgery Extractions
Active infection X
Patient in pain X
Swelling or cellulitis X
Third molar without above symptoms X
Implants X
Orthodontics New bandings X
Patient complications (wire or bracket fractures) X
Recall X
Debond (doctor to make judgment on if recall has extended time period and warrants a visit) X
Periodontics Initial therapy SRP or maintenance X
Prosthodontics Bridges X
Dentures and removables X
Pediatrics Follow guidelines above for specific procedures.