Coronavirus Response Protocols

Mortenson Dental Partners (MDP) has been proactive in responding to the coronavirus situation on both an internal and external level. Here is a breakdown of some of the initiatives we’ve implemented.

Internal Initiatives

In an effort to create an easy-to-access, one-stop resource for our team members, MDP developed an internal webpage to house all communications, updates, and resources relevant to the coronavirus situation. Some aspects of the website include:

  • An area for ongoing updates on the coronavirus situation and our response to it
  • Frequently Asked Questions, which includes a general overview, prevention guidelines, action items, human resources information and guidelines for social media use
  • A new Team Member Exposure Policy, which provides specific instructions for team members experiencing symptoms or have been exposed. We are continually reviewing and adapting this policy as the situation evolves so it remains in the best interest of our team members. 
  • Information on benefits, employee assistance program, and our telework policy
  • Supply inventory updates
  • CDC resources on symptoms and prevention
  • An educational video on the coronavirus developed by our internal learning team
  • Incident Reporting Form, where our leaders can confidentially share information about team members or patients who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.
  • “Ask a Question” box, where team members can submit questions to our National Director of Clinical Affairs.
  • Resources for practices to download and use, including a counter display flyer and a patient pamphlet

In addition to the webpage, we began weekly emails to all team members from our National Director of Clinical Affairs, with additional emails sent throughout the week as needed. All emails are also posted to our internal coronavirus webpage. While our standard protocols include frequent sterilization and disinfection of all operatories and work spaces, using personal protective equipment and maintaining proper hygiene practices, we have taken several extra precautions in recent weeks to protect both our team members and patients. We’ve restricted travel, rescheduled appointments for patients experiencing flu-like symptoms, asked all team members to stay home when sick, and found alternatives to hand-shaking when greeting each other and patients. We have also postponed all non-essential procedures at our practices and are currently providing emergency-only care. 

External Initiatives

We have also been working on several ways to communicate information about the coronavirus to our patients. A statement on the coronavirus has been posted on all of our external websites. In addition, email updates have been sent to patients in all of our regions, customized to their brand. A counter card for display in practices also requests that patients experiencing symptoms reschedule their appointments.

We’ve provided additional information for patients in a new educational pamphlet. This includes education on symptoms and prevention and details what the practice is doing in response to the situation. It includes our sterilization and disinfection protocols like frequent disinfection of all operatories and work spaces, using personal protective equipment and emphasizing proper hygiene practices, as well as the extra precautionary measures we’re taking like rescheduling appointments, asking team members experiencing symptoms to stay home, and refraining from handshaking. 

Next Steps

We have developed different levels of action plans to keep us prepared as the situation unfolds and impacts our business. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as we need to for the benefit of our team members, patients and overall business.