The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry has quickly evolved in recent years, and a new tool has emerged to enhance clinical decision-making at Mortenson Dental Partners.

Benefits of AI in Dentistry

There are many benefits when it comes to the use of AI in dentistry: 

  • Improve accuracy — With the help of artificial intelligence, Overjet will correlate patient data with radiographs to ensure we are accurately diagnosing dental decay and periodontal disease. 
  • Better patient outcomes — Overjet helps to find missed diagnoses or treatments, which can not only improve accuracy, but build better relationships with patients. Patients are put at ease with accurate and high-quality care and improved patient communication.
  • Consistency and standardization in care — Overjet helps to quickly understand the behaviors of high performers in the practice through clinical and financial metrics, auto charting, and treatment protocols. This in turn can be used to coach everyone up to the same standards of care.


Overjet is an FDA-cleared dental AI platform that uses cutting-edge computer vision, data science and dental research to enable patient-focused and evidence-based care delivery. This in turn helps practices become more effective and efficient in providing care. The platform, which just received landmark FDA clearance, includes features that combine the expertise of dentists and artificial intelligence to create evidence-based precision dentistry, which helps better the patient experience. 

AI isn’t replacing human expertise, but rather supporting human expertise to better the function of the practice. Bringing Overjet to Mortenson Dental Partners has helped improve the quality of care we give to our patients.