Practice Closure – Maintenance Guidelines


In the event it becomes necessary to close individual Practice locations for an extended period of time due to natural disaster or other uncontrollable circumstance, this document shall provide recommended actions. 


  1. To ensure Mortenson team member and patient safety.
  2. To protect Mortenson assets by securing Practice locations due to closure.


  1. IT considerations:
    • Leave PCs and server running
    • Log out of OpenDental
    • Note – any communication directly from IT that’s different from this would take precedence.
  2. Thermostat/HVAC: Set heat to 60 degrees with fan in auto position. If you have a system with an auto switch mode with settings for both heat and AC, set AC to 76.
  3. Security:
    • Make sure all windows and doors are locked.
    • Set the alarm system if you have one.
  4. Perishable Food: Dispose of all perishable food items.
  5. Shut off the water main valve. 
  6. Vacuum Lines
    • Starting with the suction line farthest away from the vacuum, run your line cleaner as directed by the manufacturer.  Work your way back to the closest to the vacuum. Run HVE and SE. Leave the vacuum running for 5 minutes after the last room is cleaned.
    • Purge all water from each air, water and handpiece line.
  7. Unplug cameras and sensors from their USB’s and store properly.
  8. Sterilize all dirty instruments and put away. 
  9. Wipe down all surfaces.
  10. Empty all cold sterile.  If products were unable to be in the solution for 24 hours, bag those as dirty for when you return to the practice.
  11. Empty Ultrasonic Cleaner.
  12. Check all products for storage considerations and expiration dates for lengthy periods of non-use.
  13. Turn off or unplug any small equipment.
  14. Drain autoclaves and Statims.
  15. Secure any prescription drugs in the practice.
  16. Communicate with all vendor partners regarding deliveries that are scheduled to occur during the shutdown if no one will be present in the practice to receive:
    • Biohazard pickup
    • Water delivery
    • Lab cases
    • Branded rugs
    • Uniforms pickup/delivery