Leader Tips during Challenging Times

  1. Recognize your influence. Your teams will follow your lead, so use your influence for good. Use the tools you have – a calm voice, a confident posture and a pleasant facial expression. Your non-verbals will be important and will go a long way to help your team.
  2. Be truthful and honest – use facts and credible sources – such as our company website.
  3. Be available. Check in on people to see how they are feeling – not everyone shares their concerns openly in a group setting. Provide EAP as a resource to team members who are struggling. EAP can be reached at 1-888-628-4824.
  4. Empower your teams to come up with creative ways to get through the challenge together. Challenging times build strong teams.
  5. Be a great listener. You may not be able to take away someone’s fears and concerns but you might lessen them by letting people share. Use compassion and empathetic language and help paint an optimistic picture.
  6. Reach out to your leader and/or a trusted colleague in the event you personally need support.