Improving Patient Care with Implant Training at MDP

As we recently touched on in a previous blog, MDP wants clinicians to have every resource available to provide exceptional patient care and positive leadership. One of these resources being dental implant training, which you can start immediately after being hired with no waiting period.

Implant Training 

One opportunity to learn more about dental implants is the Dental Implant Surgical Training Course. This course is provided by Advanced Dental Solutions and taught by Dr. Nation himself. 

In the initial course,  general dental practitioners will learn to evaluate, diagnose, treatment plan, and surgically place dental implants. They will also learn to restore them for traditional crown replacement in simple situations with good anatomic structure. Furthermore, dentists who take this course learn how to identify potential risks with implant therapy and understand how to deal with single dental implant complications.

Top Docs

Top Docs is a live learning experience that provides 72 CE hours over six engaging sessions, one of these sessions being devoted to implants. These sessions take place bi-monthly over two days, each in a variety of U.S. cities. Key opinion leaders bring value and add content on clinical and leadership topics to give dentists a five-year headstart on their career, within their first year.  

Implant training is just one of the many areas in which MDP-supported dentists can expand their knowledge to better patient care. Learn more about our other opportunities in future blogs, and learn more about starting your career with us here