Improving Patient Care with Clear Aligners Training at MDP

MDP prioritizes our doctors by ensuring that we have every resource available for them to be able to provide the best care possible, and these resources include training on various topics. While in our previous blog post we discussed implant training, another area of training that MDP offers for doctors are those centered around clear aligners. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities our doctors have to learn about clear aligners. 

Days of Learning

Days of Learning are an opportunity for practices to come together regionally and focus on clinical experience, patient experience, and leadership best practices. Within this day of learning, MDP has many hands-on clinical courses on key topics, including clear aligners. These courses are provided in states that utilize EDDAs and EFDAs. These courses can be found on MDP University – MDP’s internal online learning platform. 

Top Docs

Just like implant training, clear aligners training is covered in Top Docs, our clinical and leadership development program that gives doctors a five-year head start on their career, within their first year. Top Docs is a live learning experience that provides seventy-two CE hours over six engaging sessions, one of these sessions being devoted to clear aligners. These sessions take place bi-monthly over two days, each in a variety of U.S. cities. 

Practice Representatives 

MDP practices use SureSmile Clear Aligners for our patients. A great benefit of SureSmile is that representatives provide in-practice training for our doctors so that they can have the best understanding of the product and gain hands-on experience before providing treatment to patients. They are there to answer any questions, which allows our doctors to feel comfortable and supported with the treatment they are providing. 

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