How Employee Ownership Benefits MDP Team Members

October is Employee Ownership Month! As an employee-owned DSO, Mortenson Dental Partners (MDP) is committed to having our team members share in our success. We strive to help team members not only feel like owners, but benefit like owners as well. MDP team members share in the overall success of the company through an employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP. Through our ESOP, shares of the company stock are invested into a retirement account as a free benefit for each team member.

Being an owner contributes to company success. 

As the ESOP Association explains, team members who are part of an ESOP are much more invested in and engaged with their organization. Because team members share in the success of MDP, they keep an eye on matters that make a difference, such as great clinical care, exceptional service, and operational best practices. These are the elements that determine whether an organization is simply good or strives for excellence.  

While some of our roles are more visible than others, all are important in ensuring the long-term success of our organization. Whether a business associate, EDDA, dentist, patient services specialist or CFO, all MDP team members are owners.

MDP supports the development of its owners.

In addition to the ESOP, MDP supports team members in a number of ways. As discussed in a previous article, these include fostering an ownership mindset and endorsing the clinical autonomy of supported providers. Team members also have access to a robust learning and development portal where they can find continuing education opportunities at no cost. One of MDP’s most powerful strengths is its family-oriented culture: Team members care for each other like family, offering support and flexibility, as indicated by several of our recent internal culture and engagement surveys.

Join our team!

Being employee owned is one of the most important ways that MDP is different from other DSOs. If you’re interested in joining one of the largest groups of employee-owned dental practices in the country, we’d love to hear from you! Please view our Careers page for more information on how you can be an owner with our organization.