Fostering Clinical Excellence through Collaboration

One of the benefits for clinicians who join a dental support organization (DSO) is gaining the administrative support needed to help them deliver the best care possible. Specifically, DSOs take on daily business operations like insurance claims, payroll management, human resources, marketing, information technology, maintenance and more. This frees up providers to focus on the reason they became a clinician in the first place — taking care of patients.

As a DSO that is fully owned by dentists and team members, MDP takes prioritizing clinical quality a step further. MDP actively involves clinicians in decision-making so that business strategies support the delivery of high-quality patient care at the clinical level. Two of the avenues through which MDP accomplishes this are the Clinical Committee and General Practitioners Advisory Council. 

Clinical Committee

MDP’s Clinical Committee is made up of more than 70 team members who explore leading-edge strategies, including clinical practices and new technologies. The Clinical Committee facilitates the development of industry best practices based on internal and external data comparisons, advises MDP’s clinical leadership team and makes recommendations for overall quality, safety and performance improvement. They also develop and maintain MDP’s standard of care and review various supplier arrangements, products and services to ensure they meet or exceed this standard. The committee is organized into subcommittees that focus on supplies and lab products, dental specialist resources, hygiene, dental assistance and credentialing, as well as working groups that focus on dental implants, oral-systemic connection and clinical compliance. Overall, the Clinical Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring that practices supported by MDP remain at the forefront of clinical care. 

General Practitioners Advisory Council

The MDP General Practitioners (GP) Advisory Council was established in 2023 to facilitate open and regular communication between MDP and supported GP dentists. This quarterly dialog captures feedback, insights and ideas that help shape organizational strategies, enhance support operations and maintain the highest standards of patient care. Through this collaboration, MDP has been able to identify areas for improvement as well as develop pertinent policies and initiatives that align with the needs and goals of supported general practitioners. The advisory council also fosters a culture of shared responsibility, transparency and continuous enhancement, which ultimately leads to improved clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

At MDP, we recognize the critical role of clinical expertise in delivering exceptional care. To ensure that every decision we make is grounded in the best clinical practices, we continuously work in partnership with the clinicians we support. This partnership allows MDP to help dental practices remain at the forefront of clinical care, delivering innovative and effective treatments that meet the evolving needs of patients. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with MDP, don’t hesitate to get in touch.