Ensuring Optimum Care and Safety with New Technology

Mortenson Dental Partners offers high-quality dental services that range from general and pediatric dentistry to orthodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery. To deliver exemplary care, our providers need the best tools and resources available to use alongside their clinical expertise. MDP has always been committed to being on the cutting edge of the most advanced technologies in dentistry. In addition, coming off the recent COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the best sterilization and safety practices remains paramount. For these reasons, we’ve equipped our practices with four new upgrades to enhance care while optimizing hygiene and safety.

Impressionless 3D Digital Scanners

Traditional impressions are created using a gooey, putty-like material that tends to be messy and not always accurate. The impressionless 3D digital scanner, on the other hand, uses digital technology to take highly accurate intraoral dental scans of teeth and gums. It is easy to use, features ultra-high precision sensors and creates high-resolution 3D images in only a few minutes. Whether it’s prosthetics, implant treatment, orthodontics, sleep apnea treatment or other areas, digital impressions enhance comfort for the patient and eliminate the risk of contaminated impression trays. Best of all, there’s no clean-up required! Our clinicians have been receiving the necessary training to maximize their expertise in these new scanners.

Slow-Speed Handpieces

We have recently increased the number of slow-speed handpieces and motors used across all practices to increase efficiency and align with patient flow. All restorative and hygiene handpieces comply with CDC sterilization requirements to ensure the safety of our patients.

High Volume Evacuation Systems

MDP hygiene operatories were equipped with a new high-volume evacuation system to address aerosols. In addition to aerosol reduction, the systems provide better visualization, illumination, and retraction during procedures, and are much easier for our hygienists to maneuver. For patients, the new systems offer less noise, greater fluid reduction and enhanced comfort over the previous version.

Waterline Treatment Systems

With the help and guidance of our clinical committee, we determined that waterline treatment is essential for the improved health and safety of our team and patients. MDP recently installed new water filtration systems in all practices. One system treats all units without chemicals added to patient water, making it safe, efficient and effective. 

Our goal is to deliver world-class dentistry by giving our providers the resources they need to be successful. This includes supplying any necessary training while keeping clinical autonomy in their hands. The combination of clinical expertise, advanced technology and peak infection control keeps MDP on the forefront of quality dental care and helps foster our mission to improve the lives of others every day.