COVID-19 and MDP Update


I want to give you an update on the efforts we are making to get ahead of the rapidly changing situation surrounding COVID-19. We’ve been aggressively exploring proactive measures to support our business while keeping the safety of our team and patients first. Our goal is to be as prepared as possible as we continue to see school closures and other critical infrastructure changes occur.

We sent out an email communication to all patients earlier today informing them about COVID-19 and our commitment to their safety. We also requested that all patients who are experiencing symptoms of the flu or a respiratory infection or have been exposed to a person with coronavirus or any other communicable disease, to reschedule their appointments. If you would like to view the full doc you can find it here

Shortly, we’ll be rolling out a tool to help your local leaders determine how to best support team members who may be impacted as a result of school closures or other COVID-19 related disruptions.

At the Practice

  • Please remove all food items, magazines, books and toys from welcome areas. Also please remove blankets from the operatories. If patients request a blanket you may provide them with a freshly washed blanket that should be immediately placed in the laundry after use.
  • Focus efforts on insurance claims and aging. We expect ins. companies will be unable to keep up with claims as staffing becomes more of a struggle.
  • Please offer Same day treatment whenever possible.
  • Keep office schedules normal. Any closures or changes should be coordinated by the Doctor(s) and the Regional President.

Within the next few days you can expect a number of changes, including:

New practice resources on the website

  • Sample patient cancellation/hesitation response
  • Counter Display Flyer, Patient Bifold Pamphlet
  • Best Practices for Team Member downtime

New benefits resources on the website

  • Information on our Employee Assistance Program
  • Anthem Live Health Online (for making online physician appointments)
  • A resource from the National Association of School Psychologists on how to talk to your kids about the coronavirus

 Patient Services

  • Between 24 and 29 team members will be teleworking, with the goal to get another 5-7 team members teleworking over the next few weeks. These changes have been implemented rapidly, we expect some bumps as we transition but we are monitoring closely to ensure the best possible support for our practices and patients

Billing and Collections

  • Most of our Billing processes operate remotely. We expect little disruption but will monitor and make adjustments where necessary.