Busting Six Common Myths about Being a DSO Hygienist

There are a lot of perceptions out there about what joining a DSO, or dental support organization, can mean for clinicians. If you’re a hygienist who is considering a DSO, you might be wondering if you’ll have autonomy to make clinical decisions for your patients, or whether you’ll be forced to adhere to specific quotas or sell unnecessary treatments. Here are six common myths about working with a DSO, along with what you can actually expect as a hygienist with Mortenson Dental Partners (MDP).

DSOs are impersonal.

While some believe DSOs are all about numbers, MDP is dedicated to its mission to improve the lives of others by living our values every day. Those values are caring for everyone, building relationships, sharing abundantly and expressing gratitude, and they form the basis of how we treat our patients and conduct our business operations. We also foster a caring atmosphere among our teams. From our relief fund and employee assistance program for team members in crisis, to our internal social media board where we celebrate each other’s accomplishments, our unique culture is driven by teams who genuinely support and care for each other.

There is no work-life balance.

Because we care for one another, we want to make sure our team members have what they need to thrive. As providers of care, MDP hygienists receive paid time off and have flexibility with the days and hours they work. They can also choose a traditional or assisted model in a full-time, part-time, or PRN capacity.   

You work with different doctors all the time.

Although some people think being with a DSO means you’ll be moving around to different practices on a regular basis, that’s not the case at MDP. Unless you’ve chosen to be on our flex team, you’ll work in the same practice, with the same team, every day. You’ll be able to develop a rapport with the entire clinical and practice team, and many of our hygienists say their practice team feels just like family!

Hygienists must fulfill quotas.

As an organization that is 100% employee owned, all team members are empowered to act like owners in their practice. As such, MDP hygienists have the autonomy to make the best clinical decisions for their patients and are not bound by the pressure of fulfilling specific quotas. In fact, being a part of a DSO allows clinicians to more fully attend to the needs of the patient because they have a comprehensive support team to take care of time-consuming administrative tasks like insurance processing, reporting on upcoming scheduled appointments, and communicating with patients through text and chat.   

Procedures and services are pushed on patients.

Certainly, we want our patients to have the healthiest smile they can. This means educating them on the benefits of proper oral care habits, recommending the most appropriate treatment plan for their particular situation, and discussing the alternatives to treatment and risks of not undergoing treatment. Any costs involved are also discussed prior to beginning any procedure. Rather than pushing treatment on patients, MDP empowers them to make an informed decision on how they’d like to proceed to achieve their oral health goals. 

Comprehensive care is absent.

Instead of providing an accelerated, one-size-fits-all approach to care, MDP clinicians develop comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for patients through clinical assessments and screenings. We also ensure our hygienists are well equipped to provide comprehensive care with free continuing education on topics like laser treatment and periodontal classifications.

If you’re ready to work in a positive environment where you’ll have the tools and support to develop your career and deliver top-notch clinical care, MDP may be the place for you! Learn more about our hygiene opportunities here