An Inside Look at the Top Docs Experience

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, one of the many clinical education opportunities offered at MDP is called Top Docs. Top Docs is a live learning experience that provides 72 CE hours over six innovative, hands-on sessions. In partnership with industry leaders, this program covers a wide range of topics, including endodontics, oral surgery, implantology, bone grafting, clear aligners, cosmetics, restorative, and comprehensive treatment planning. 

We recently had the opportunity to hear from a few dentists we support who have attended Top Docs — Dr. Kyle Krause of Smile Crafters, Dr. Irene Bevan of Stonehaven Dental and Dr. Dhruvina Patel of Mortenson Family Dental — and got to learn about their experiences and main takeaways from their Top Docs sessions. 

What were your expectations of Top Docs going into the sessions? How closely did your experience align with those expectations?

Dr. Krause: I expected it to be a run-of-the-mill couple of CE courses, maybe a few online things. My expectations were far exceeded as the in-person training and networking has been phenomenal.

Dr. Bevan: I expected to go in to learn about a variety of topics to expand my clinical skills. What I didn’t realize I would gain is the camaraderie of other new dentists. These new friendships have served as a professional study group in a sense as we now share cases and ask one another for feedback or a second opinion. Being a new dentist can be a scary thing and having others, including the regional president, there to support and encourage me has been indispensable.

Dr. Patel: Going into Top Docs, I had minimal expectations as I was a new graduate and this would be my first time taking CE courses. After finishing the Top Docs sessions, my expectations were far exceeded, as it provided a variety of different topics, both clinical and non-clinical, along with hands-on courses. There was also a variety of topics that gave a comprehensive overview into all aspects of dentistry.

What was your biggest takeaway from the event?

Dr. Krause: Lots of takeaways from a clinical aspect and knowledge base but sufficeth to say that with each session I left rejuvenated and excited about work on Monday. 

Dr. Bevan: How vast the field of dentistry is and how we can dial into certain subfields and make our practice our own in terms of doing the things we truly enjoy. Also that there is always something to learn, no matter how much you may think you know about a topic!

Dr. Patel: My biggest takeaway from the sessions was how much growth I developed from all the different courses. This was especially useful to help my skills as a new graduate.

What new clinical skills did you learn from Top Docs that you didn’t have going in?

Dr. Krause: It has greatly enhanced my efficiency and speed. 

Dr. Bevan: I learned a lot of tips and tricks for endodontics, and my favorite takeaways were from the courses for veneers and comprehensive treatment planning!

Dr. Patel: Top Docs allowed me to hone in on my extraction skills and learn new techniques. I was also able to get hands-on experience with root canals, and this was especially useful.

What was the most helpful non-clinical skill you learned?

Dr. Krause: Practice management philosophy (i.e. how to build a productive schedule, same-day add ins).

Dr. Bevan: What resources to tap into when I am in need of clinical or administrative advice.

Dr. Patel: The courses helped to better my case presentation skills with patients, which has been very beneficial. It was also a great way to meet peers from throughout the company and share experiences.

How will you use your Top Docs experience moving forward in your career as a dentist?

Dr. Krause: I will continue to go on CE trips of that caliber to keep refreshing my skills. 

Dr. Bevan: It helped me discover what topics I would like to learn more about in the future. I also gained a great study group of awesome doctors in similar stages of their career as me and we share cases to help one another learn.

Dr. Patel: The skills I have learned have tremendously helped in my day-to-day practice. It has also provided a resource to reach out to peers for when I need advice.

If you had to describe Top Docs in no more than five words, what would you say?

Dr. Krause: Young Docs learning from Master Docs. 

Dr. Bevan: STUDY HARD, PARTY HARDER. (We always make sure to socialize and get to know one another). Or. . . “Lifelong skills, lifelong friends.”

Dr. Patel: Helped to enhance my skills.

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