Author: Tina Shaw

  • Emerging from the COVID-19 Crisis

    Emerging from the COVID-19 Crisis

    Like businesses all over the country, Mortenson Dental Partners has had to adapt to the changing landscape posed by the COVID-19 crisis. While the pandemic has presented us with many challenges, we are poised to emerge from it as strong as ever. Here’s a look at our experience with COVID-19.

  • Not Your Typical DSO: MDP Maximizes Reimbursement Rates through Optimization Efforts

    Navigating the ever-changing world of insurance markets can be challenging for dental practices. Thankfully, MDP has a team of experts dedicated to achieving better reimbursement rates for our doctors.

  • The Group Dentistry Now Show: COVID-19 Edition with Bill Becknell and Dr. Eric Tobler

    The Group Dentistry Now Show: COVID-19 Edition with Bill Becknell and Dr. Eric Tobler

    In this audio-only episode of the Group Dentistry Now podcast, Bill Becknell, CEO of Mortenson Dental Partners, and Dr. Eric Tobler, National Director of Clinical Affairs of Mortenson Dental Partners and Regional President of Stonehaven Dental, discuss how MDP is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Embracing diversity

    Embracing diversity

    Bryan Hildreth, MDP’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Dr. Mayada Khater, Regional President of Abbeville Dentistry, and Dr. Britt Bostick, Co-Founder of Abbeville Dentistry, shared the benefits of diversity within DSOs and group practices. Read more from Efficiency in Group Practice.

  • The Value of the Dental Assistant

    It’s Dental Assistant Recognition Week! Dental assistants are crucial to a successful practice and support patients and the practice team in many ways. Learn why dental assistants are so important.

  • Hiring in a Competitive Market

    Hiring in a Competitive Market

    It’s important to find the right person to fill a position – and then convince them to stay. MDP’s doctor recruiters, Rupinder Kaur and Jacqueline Guinn, and Director of Human Resources, Sherri Toohey-Taylor, offer guidance on best hiring practices in this Efficiency in Group Practice article.