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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry has quickly evolved in recent years, and a new tool has emerged to enhance clinical decision-making at Mortenson Dental Partners.

Benefits of AI in Dentistry

There are many benefits when it comes to the use of AI in dentistry: 

  • Improve accuracy — With the help of artificial intelligence, Overjet will correlate patient data with radiographs to ensure we are accurately diagnosing dental decay and periodontal disease. 
  • Better patient outcomes — Overjet helps to find missed diagnoses or treatments, which can not only improve accuracy, but build better relationships with patients. Patients are put at ease with accurate and high-quality care and improved patient communication.
  • Consistency and standardization in care — Overjet helps to quickly understand the behaviors of high performers in the practice through clinical and financial metrics, auto charting, and treatment protocols. This in turn can be used to coach everyone up to the same standards of care.


Overjet is an FDA-cleared dental AI platform that uses cutting-edge computer vision, data science and dental research to enable patient-focused and evidence-based care delivery. This in turn helps practices become more effective and efficient in providing care. The platform, which just received landmark FDA clearance, includes features that combine the expertise of dentists and artificial intelligence to create evidence-based precision dentistry, which helps better the patient experience. 

AI isn’t replacing human expertise, but rather supporting human expertise to better the function of the practice. Bringing Overjet to Mortenson Dental Partners has helped improve the quality of care we give to our patients.

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All about Clinical Education at Mortenson Dental Partners

At Mortenson Dental Partners (MDP), we want our clinicians to have every resource available to provide exceptional patient care and positive leadership. That’s why we make clinical education and development a key priority. All MDP doctors receive funds annually that they can put toward external clinical education opportunities. MDP also has many resources available internally that doctors can take advantage of. From clinical courses to live learning sessions, we make it easy to learn at MDP. 

Top Docs

Top Docs is a live learning experience that provides seventy-two CE hours over six engaging sessions. These sessions take place bi-monthly over two days, each in a variety of U.S. cities. Key opinion leaders bring value and add content on clinical and leadership topics to give doctors a five-year headstart on their career, within their first year. 

Clinical Courses

MDP has many hands-on clinical courses on key topics such as aligner therapy, implants, bread-and-butter dentistry, and lasers. These courses are provided in states that utilize EDDAs and EFDAs. Practices come together regionally to experience a Day of Learning, focusing on clinical experience, patient experience, and leadership best practices. 

National Continuing Education Provider 

MDP is a National Continuing Education Provider through the Academy of General Dentistry. All courses that are provided meet state requirements for relicensure as well as all the 13 Academy of General Dentistry standards, ensuring high-quality learning experiences for participants.

Emergency Training 

CPR and Medical Emergencies Training is provided to clinicians to meet state requirements. Coursework is also offered to meet the controlled substance prescription monitoring systems in every state.

Leadership Training 

MDP offers leadership training for our doctors through a program called INSPIRE which aims to equip new doctors to be effective leaders in their practice. As part of the Top Docs program, this two-day interactive, in-person program focuses on communication and listening, strategies for navigating and leading change, techniques for building trust with patients, and methods to develop and retain their team.  

With all of MDP’s learning and development opportunities, our clinicians can continue to further their education and become the best clinicians they can be. Learn more and apply here

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Learning about the Assisted Hygiene Model

MDP uses two hygiene models based on the needs of the practice: traditional and fully assisted. In a traditional model, a single hygienist manages all aspects of hygiene care. A fully assisted model, on the other hand, is one where a hygienist has a dedicated assistant that supports them with certain responsibilities to deliver more patient care.

How does assisted hygiene work?

Similar to assisting the doctor, the hygiene assistant is responsible for setting up and tearing down the operatory, updating patient charts, taking radiographs and photos, keeping notes, as well as sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces. Fully assisted hygienists spend their day working at the top of their scope, assessing patients’ periodontal health, delivering therapeutic services, utilizing the diode laser, and placing sealants.

Utilizing a fully assisted hygiene model can mean a more productive and efficient use of time, while providing more support for hygienists so they can focus on what they do best.

What is the role of the hygienist in a fully assisted model? 

Fully assisted hygienists tend to work between two columns of patients and two operatories. The hygienist is responsible for communicating direction and providing guidance to the hygiene assistant. Our ultimate goal at MDP is always to take care of our team members and ensure this process honors the hard work and ongoing commitment of hygienists to their patients, practice and MDP. Because a fully assisted hygienist will be running two operatories with additional responsibilities like providing guidance and overseeing the care of more patients, they receive higher pay. 

What are the benefits? 

A fully assisted hygiene model offers benefits for both the hygienist and the assistant.

For hygienists:

  • Work more efficiently with a dedicated assistant.
  • Utilize license to its fullest scope in our technically advanced dental practice.
  • Wait less on the doctor and stay on schedule. 
  • Receive higher base pay.

For assistants: 

  • Start a path toward other clinical roles, such as an expanded dental assistant, hygienist or doctor. 
  • Gain important knowledge and experience working with the hygienist to improve your skills. 

Interested in becoming a hygienist or hygiene assistant with MDP? Learn more and apply!