• “The ESOP is one of the main reasons we became a part of Mortenson Dental Partners.”

    Dr. Britt Bostick
    Executive Vice President, Mortenson Dental Partners, and Co-Founder of Abbeville Dentistry

  • “We’re employee and doctor-owned and managed.”

    Dr. Phil Schuler
    Regional President, Mortenson Family Dental

  • “We could focus more on the patients and dentistry for the communities we serve.”

    Dr. Nick Kanning
    Regional President, Summit Dental Health

  • “The benefits are so much better than we could ever provide on our own.”

    Dr. Eric Tobler
    Regional President, Stonehaven Dental

Discover Your Ally for Success. Affiliate with MDP.

While running a successful private practice comes with some benefits, it also has its share of struggles. From managing staff and marketing to dealing with insurance companies and unexpected expenses, it can be overwhelming. These administrative burdens can take away from the time you could be spending on patient care. And, let’s face it, isn’t caring for patients why you got into dentistry in the first place?

That’s where MDP can help. We are a different kind of dental support organization that is 100% owned by dentists and employees, fostering a sense of ownership and shared success. With a focus on supporting dentists and their teams, MDP provides a range of resources to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking for more time with family, career growth or a smooth transition toward retirement.

Learn what makes MDP a DSO like no other.

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10 Ways MDP Stands Apart

  1. 100% Employee Owned — No private equity involvement ensures a patient-centered focus and long-term stability.
  2. Comprehensive Support Center — Experts in marketing, IT, credentialing, HR, accounting and more help supported dentists focus on patients.
  3. Clinical Quality Prioritized — A 70-person Clinical Committee stays on top of leading strategies, clinical practices and new technologies.
  4. Career Growth — Programs like Hire to Retire facilitate the career growth of supported dentists through their retirement.
  5. Continuing Education — Hands-on learning experiences like Top Docs help supported dentists gain additional skills at no cost.
  6. Financial Wellness and Professional Liability Support — Company-provided financial planning resources and professional liability insurance enhance peace of mind.
  7. Better Reimbursement RatesMore favorable insurance contracts with optimized carrier networks mean better reimbursement rates.
  8. Regular Practice Updates — Regular investments in technology and facilities equip practices for optimum care.
  9. Safety and Savings — Lower costs on labs and personal protective equipment (PPE) ensure all supported clinicians have what they need to provide care.
  10. Supportive Culture — Family-oriented culture supports team members during difficult times.

Is your practice a good fit?

We’re looking to affiliate with practices that are a great cultural fit, are financially sound, align with our strategic goals and are located in the following areas:

  • Indiana.
  • Iowa (Des Moines).
  • Georgia (Savannah).
  • Kentucky.
  • Nebraska (Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus).
  • Ohio (Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus).
  • Texas (Abilene, Amarillo, Fort Stockton, Lubbock, San Angelo).
  • Utah (Salt Lake City, Provo).
  • South Carolina (Charleston).
  • Florida (Jacksonville).

Let’s have a conversation!

If you’re looking for support from a premier employee-owned team and want to discuss affiliating with MDP, let’s have a conversation. All conversations will be kept completely private and confidential.

Dale Sanford
Chief Compliance Officer
and VP of Administration