Statement on the Coronavirus

To ensure the safety of our patients and team members, and in compliance with federal and state recommendations, we have postponed all non-essential dental procedures in our practices due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will continue to be available for patients who need essential care as determined by our doctors. If you are seeking resources to help you during this crisis, feel free to visit our COVID-19 webpage for a variety of materials MDP has used in our response efforts.

Executive Team

Bill Becknell
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Wayne Mortenson
Founder / Advisor
Dr. William Engilman
President / Chief Information Officer

Dr. Britt Bostick
Executive Vice President
and VP of Clinical Affairs
Bryan Hildreth
Chief HR Officer
Jeff Reibel
Chief Financial Officer
Kara Ficker
Brooks Newman
General Counsel
and Corporate Secretary
Cheryl Penava
Vice President,
Practice Excellence
Dale Sanford
Vice President,
Marketing and Development

Regional Leadership

Dr. Nick Kanning
Regional President
Summit Dental Health
Dr. Mayada Khater
Regional President
Abbeville Dentistry
Jane Logsdon
Regional President
Dr. Garry Meeks
Regional President
Howard Family Dental
Dennis Roberts
Regional President
Indianapolis / Cincinnati
Dr. Phil Schuler
Regional President
Mortenson Family Dental
Dr. Eric Tobler
Regional President
Stonehaven Dental