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  • What is a DSO, and how can it benefit you as a dentist?

    The term “DSO,” which is short for “dental support organization,” is becoming ever-more popular in the dental world. But what exactly is a DSO, and is it worth considering for your dental career? 

  • Supporting Our Team Members in Every Way Possible

    At Mortenson Dental Partners, we are here to support our team members through whatever obstacles might come their way. The road to becoming a doctor isn’t always an easy one, as one of our very own recently found out. As an orthodontist originally trained out of the country, Dr. Naurine Shah worked as a dental […]

  • Become an Owner with Mortenson Dental Partners

    October is Employee Ownership Month! Did you know that Mortenson Dental Partners (MDP) is an employee-owned company? We are completely owned by our dentists and team members, with absolutely no private equity. When you join our organization, you automatically become an owner through our employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP.  What is an ESOP? An […]

  • Which dental industry job is right for me?

    As we’ve touched on in a previous blog, a career in dentistry can provide you with benefits like financial stability, growth opportunities, and personal fulfillment. Whether it’s the clinical or the business side, each position makes a beneficial impact on the patient’s overall experience at the dentist. Knowing which position is right for you can […]

  • Dr. William Engilman, BracesBracesBraces Founder and Retired Mortenson Dental Partners Executive, Passes Away

    Dr. William “Will” Engilman, who founded the BracesBracesBraces brand and spent many years on the Mortenson Dental Partners executive team, passed away on July 16. He was 58.  Born on November 8, 1964, in LaMesa, California, Dr. Will studied computer science at Brigham Young University before pursuing his dental degree at the University of Louisville […]

  • Thinking about a hygiene degree? Get the right support with MDP.

    Through the Hygiene Student Support Program (HSSP), MDP team members enrolled in an accredited dental hygiene program can apply to receive financial assistance toward tuition and education-related fees.