Establish a routine or schedule.

Staying in your PJs all day can feel like a treat at first, but you may find that it does not make you feel your most productive self. Take some time to find a routine that is as close to your “normal” routine as possible while embracing your new normal.

Clean your house and your hands.

Regularly cleaning frequently used surfaces and washing your hands is not only important to help prevent germs, but will also lift your mood and productivity. Need a timer? Try singing these songs while you are washing your hands.

Stay active.

Stretch or practice yoga throughout the day. Use squats, push-ups, and planks as mini breaks or resets.

Take short, frequent breaks.

Schedule small breaks throughout the day to go for a walk or pet your animals. Did you know pets may help improve mental health, even for people with challenging disorders?

Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.

You may be tempted to reach for potato chips or soda when hunger strikes — the aftermath is that you feel sluggish. Incorporating fruits and veggies into your diet and drinking plenty of water will keep you fresh and energetic.

Practice mindfulness and think positive thoughts.

When you feel stress or anxiety creeping in, take a moment to clear your mind and focus on the positive. Even a few deep breaths can make a world of difference.

Establish ground rules for shared spaces.

Between kids, pets, and significant others, there is a lot going on. It can be helpful to establish ground rules. If you are working from home, have a schedule for times when you need to focus.

Read a book.

You’ve binge-watched all your favorite shows – and maybe more. Turn off the tv and read a good book. Taking some time away from screens is a great reset.

Check in with friends and loved ones often.

Talk to a friend or loved one about how you are feeling and ask them how they are doing. It can be difficult not seeing people in person, but having video calls can help you feel more connected. We will get through these times together! Remember you and your immediate household family members have support through the Employee Assistance Program.

Take pleasure in the small things.

It’s natural to have anxiety and fear about what’s going on in the world. Take some extra time to appreciate the freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, play time with your pets, or extra snuggles with your loved ones. Appreciate today.