Mortenson Dental Partners is the largest group of privately owned, doctor run dental practices in the United States. Each practice feels like a private practice but enjoys the support of a large organization.

Patients First

At Mortenson Dental Partners, we are focused and committed to providing advanced oral care to our patients. We believe that by serving our patients through bettering their oral health, we not only serve a greater purpose, but also add value for each of our doctors and Team Members. The doctor-patient relationship is the foundation to our organization.

We believe that if we take good care of our patients, our patients will take care of us. We like to think this philosophy is what has helped us positively impact the lives of thousands of people and grow into the company and brand we are today.


At Mortenson Dental Partners we pride ourselves on having the best elements of a private practice mixed with the best elements of a large DSO. We have over 100 practices and are in 11 states, but each location has a micro-culture unique to the doctor, team and community. However, you will find a consistent culture across all of our practices: quality people, quality facilities, quality patient care and care for each others safety and well being.

Doctor Ownership

Mortenson Dental Partners is owned and operated by doctors like you, who understand treating patients and practicing dentistry. Doctor ownership makes us unique. We believe a strong commitment to patient care and ownership in the company will foster a long term career path with Mortenson Dental Partners and provide you with the financial security and quality of life you seek. At Mortenson Dental Partners, you can have the wealth accumulation benefits of ownership without the headaches of day to day management.

Practice Autonomy

At Mortenson Dental Partners, we believe the most important relationship is the one between the doctor and the patient. Patient Care is not dictated by Mortenson Dental Partners. Each doctor is empowered to use his or her best judgement, skills and talents to provide care to patients. Mortenson Dental Partners provides a support system through our Support Services departments to help each doctor in the company to be able to focus on providing the care he or she sees fit to help patients achieve a happy, healthy smile.

Interested in Learning More?

Thank you for your interest in Mortenson Dental Partners. We would love to answer any questions you have and to tell you more about our organization.

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